Macroevolution Group

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Macroevolution Group


  Centre of Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan, China.


Welcome to “Macroevolution Group” at XTBG


  The Macroevolution Group was set up in March 2017 and is located at the headquarters of the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Yunnan, China. The research group is devoted to carry out research on the assembly of the green branch of the tree-of-life (ToL) with special emphasise on elucidating the mechanisms and processes that shaped the ToL in the past and will shape it in the future. Located at Xishuangbanna, the group research will give special attention to the tropical plant diversity of SE Asia, the Sino-Burmese diversity hotspot, and the unique biodiversity of Yunnan and adjacent regions.


Vision of the Research Group

  The research aims to integrate Macroevolution Theory into Conservation Biology (= Macroevolution meets Conservation) to enhance our ability to predict the impact of the Anthropogene on the Tree-of-Life. These insights are urgently needed given the global biodiversity crisis caused by large scale human activities including deforestation, urbanization, enhanced exchange of organisms among spatial separated environments, and global climate change. The research is focused on selected lineages of the green branch of tree-of-life, namely ferns, lycophytes, and liverworts. The program is innovative and multidisciplinary by integrating approaches, concepts, and evidence of different disciplines such as phylogenetics, genomics, macroecology, and palaeontology.


Training Philosophy

  Training the next generation of researchers is one of the key commitments of Macroevolution Group. In our research program, we aim to enhance not only the technical skills and taxonomic expertise of the students but also their capacity in critical analytical thinking and their ability to identify and implement new research ideas. New students are asked to learn skills by getting involved in established programs but to be creative in identifying the research questions and approaches for their own research program.


International collaborations

  Another major commitment of Macroevolution Group is the establishment and contribution to international research collaborations.