Jan. 2015. Prof. Renee M. Borges visit XTBG


On the invitaion of Prof Chen Jin, Prof Renee Borges pay a visit to XTBG during Jan 26-31. Renee gave a talk at XTBG seminar with title “A Tale of Two Cities: The Chemical Ecology of Lodging and Boarding in Plants” and have a discussion with EEPAI lab members. She also paid a visit to the 20 ha plot in Mengla.

Renee is a well-known ecologist in India based on the Indian Academy of Sciences. She recieved a Ph D from University of Miami during late 1980s under supervision of Prof Ted Fleming, who is also the professor when Chen Jin visit Miami during 2002. For more information about Renee:http://ces.iisc.ernet.in/renee/main.html