March, 2013: Eben Goodal wins the ‘Thousand Young Talents Program’


Eben Goodal, associate professor of EEPAI has been granted by the ‘Thousand Young Talents Program’ for his research. For more information:

Feb. 25  -Mar. 17 , 2013: Zhang Ling attended an expedition to 4 Indochina countries and the Mekong Environmental Symposium

The special program for basic works of Ministry of Science & Technology of China “Comprehensive survey on Mekong Basin and Mega-Shagrila Region” (Grant No. 2008FY110300) organized a field expedition to Indochina area along Mekong River from Feb. 25 to Mar. 17, Professor Zhang Ling was invited to attend this trip as a botanist since she is the major participator of this project. The aim of this expedition was to investigate the nature reserve, environment and biodiversity along Mekong Basin in Indochina, including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. The journey started from Louang Phrabang, northern Laos, then to Cambodia along Mekong River, we went further south to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, and drove through the border of Cambodia to Thailand, finally returned to China through Laos, it took 3 weeks across about 5000 km. There are many landscapes such as nature secondary forests, national parks, different plantations, marsh   along Mekong River that we saw during our long journey. We investigated the land use change and biodiversity conservation in those countries at the Mekong basin. Timber logging is serious at mountain area; those lands was used for planting rubber, teak, cashew nut, Eucalyptus etc., these obviously impact biodiversity maintain and conservation in Mekong Basin. The land use types in plain were paddy field, sugar cane, and vegetables etc. The better irrigation facilities which can utilize water recourse from Mekong River support local people for paddy field and vegetables in dry season in Thailand and Vietnam as compared to Laos and Cambodia, people there just wait for rain for watering their crops. Moreover, the delegation also investigated human landscape, traditional culture, economy and local society, and tries to probe the effective methods that protect environment and biodiversity combined with traditional culture and society economy.

Zhang Ling also attended the Mekong Environmental Symposium 2013 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam from March 4th to 7th. It was organized by the German Aerospace Center and Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, and there were more than 300 participates from about 20 countries attended the symposium. The main topic of the conference was environment, economy, society and transboundary river management, and including 12 program topics, such as Mekong Basin forest dynamics and REDD etc.



Fig 1 Expedition route and delegation member in Chiang Konh, Thailand

land use type


land use type 2

Fig 2 Land use types in Indochina