EEPAI student attended the 97th annual meeting of ESA


Supported by XTBG student foundation, EEPAI PhD student Zhaojin attended the 97thannual meeting of ESA which was held August 5-10 in Portland, Oregon, the United States of America. The theme of this conference was “Life on earth: preserving, utilizing, and sustaining our ecosystems”. About 4000 participants from all over the world attended this conference.

This conference covered seven sessions: symposiums (SYMP, 24), organized oral sessions (OOS, 55), contributed oral sessions (COS, 196), organized poster abstracts (OPS, 3), poster abstracts (PS, 120), workshops (WK, 49) and special session proposals (SS, 23). The main topics included global change, monitor and management of ecosystem, biodiversity and sustaining science. Please visit the website of this meeting if you need more information:

Zhaojin was invited to give an oral presentation titled “Interspecific variation of rapid induced resistance and compensatory regrowth to herbivore among three Ficus saplings”  in syposium “Seedling-Herbivore Interactions: Insights Into Plant Defense and Regeneration Patterns”.

Furthermore, Zhaojin visited UC Davis after the conference and communicated with four famous professors majored in ecology including Prof. Strauss, Prof. Strong, Prof. Young and Prof. Karban who are known for their contribution to the ecology and evolution. During this short visit, four professors’ thought on ecological research and the atmosphere of UC Davis impressed Zhaojin and made her realized that there is a long way to be a good researcher. For more information about the professors visited please see:; htttp://;;